QUALITAS – Quality Management Portal

A “Quality Management System” is set up for projects run at Rönesans Holding and its group companies, and quality activities are carried out within that system with a view to continuous improvement.

Qualitas Quality Management Portal is a web-based data bank designed to set up, develop and protect the corporate information pool of Rönesans Holding. The portal enables access to documents and information on the Quality Management System and the digital monitoring of such documents and information including Non-Compliance and Corrective Preventive Activity Management, Risk Management, Document Archives, Weekly Reporting and Goals Check. Available in Turkish, English and Russian, the portal’s design was based on the demands and quality requirements defined by group companies and projects. The portal also allows the transfer of “quality” know-how developed by Rönesans companies with relevant projects and with all technical staff involved.

All activities on “Qualitas – Quality Management Portal” is followed up on an online software, which maximizes saving on time and paper.

“Best Practice” and “Lessons Learned”

As of 2017, project actions that create value added have been documented as “Best Practice” and “Lessons Learned.” These actions are made available to the entire technical staff on the portal. Examples of Best Practice and Lessons Learned help transfer of experience / knowledge between group companies and projects.


  • ISO 9001: 2015 (Certification)

In 2017, Rönesans Holding became the first Turkish company in the industry to upgrade to the new version of ISO 9001:2015 standard and to renew the certificate.

  • ASME (ASME, EN, PED Certifications)

In 2017, Renaissance Heavy Industries was certified by ASME (American Standart of Mechanical Engineering), in compliance with the ASME SEC-I, ASME SEC-VIII Div.1/Div.2 requirements for power boiler and autoclave design, manufacturing, assembly and repair and modifications according to NBIC while in 2018, the company was certified EN 1090, EN 3834, AD2000, PED2014-68-EU.

Content Management System

Documented information at Renaissance Heavy Industries is followed on “Opentext-Content Management System and EDM Dashboard” programs.

Tens of thousands of diagrams are uploaded and monitored on the system, which controls diagrams and related documents, shares them with relevant teams and receives authorization. The specially designed “Content Server EDM Dashboard” system allows non-print reporting to the sub-contractor which is shared with the employer at delivery time.


“Our most important value lies in our quality human resources.” With this principle in mind, we regularly organize training programs for field staff and construction groups. We thereby improve productivity in the system, while ensuring the development and sustainability of experiences.

Encouraging Quality: Internal Reward Initiative

Today, a quality team of nearly 960 persons are working in nearly 30 active projects carried out at Rönesans Holding, serving the principles and goals of the holding.

In an effort to boost competitiveness and continuity, the holding annually evaluates activities. Based on the evaluations, a project and an action are granted “REXA Award” at Rönesans Excellence Awards.

  • REXA – Best Project Quality Award
  • REXA – Best Practice Quality Award

Quality Bulletin: Internal Communications

The “Quality Bulletin”, published twice a year, includes quality activities in projects at Rönesans Holding group companies with an eye to raise awareness of quality in projects and to disseminate information.

RHI – Newsletters, regular internal bulletins, are communicated to the employees to share information on international developments in quality, successful projects, examples of software and relevant articles.