Founded in 2009 with the initiatives and support by Ilıcak Family, primarily by Mr. Bekir Ilıcak, Honorary Chairman of Rönesans Holding, Rönesans Education Foundation (REV) operates with a strong faith in the “supremacy of knowledge”.

REV aims primarily to enable young people to realize their own potential and organizes its operations accordingly. REV carries out educational programs and social projects in order to contribute to their growth as versatile, educated and productive individuals. Having awarded non-refundable scholarship to 6,500 students so far, REV’s mission principles include contribution to the future with social projects and long-lasting value in many areas, chiefly in education.


Among the main activities of the foundation is REV Scholarship Program. Running since the inception of REV, the program has awarded non-refundable scholarship to 6500 students so far. The foundation, which aims to increase this number rapidly, takes advantage of online technologies. In addition to financial support, the program was intended for multidimensional purposes to improve the personal development of young people with an online educational program and voluntary activities. To that end, the scholarship students have completed 20,000 hours of voluntary service in a year. The foundation touches the lives of more and more people and increases its impact area with this social benefit created by young people who take part in countless social projects focusing on various aspects of society from children to health, environment to old age.


Another distinguishing project by the REV Foundation: the REV Academy – Personal Development Program The academy, which was established to contribute to the personal development of young scholarship students, provides online education through distance learning. Removing time and space barriers to the personal development of students, the platform offers them a quality and lasting learning opportunity. On the platform, young people receive a total of 3,000 hours of training every year.

Shot as part of the program to help students raise awareness about Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the educational film was shared through REV Academy and the Foundation’s social media accounts in 2016. Scholarship students who watched the film were provided support for developing social projects in line with the goals they set.


Founded by Rönesans Holding and Rönesans Education Foundation in cooperation with the Turkish Education Association (TED), TED Rönesans College met opened its doors to students for the first time in the 2014-2015 academic year. Established in Istanbul with an investment of TL 38 million and a capacity of 1200 students, the college offers all the necessary opportunities for the academic and social development of its students with an emphasis on foreign language education. Offering a combination of training, sports and art activities, TED Rönesans College has a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 300 people, an indoor gymnasium, a physical education hall, gymnastics and ballet rooms, individual music rooms, marching band and orchestra rooms, art workshops, hobby and activity areas. Aiming at training healthier individuals, TED Rönesans College has implemented the Canteen-Free School Project and become the first private school in Turkey to be entitled to get the Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certificate, one of the most important volunteer certificates in the field of environment throughout the world that is granted by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), thanks to its nature-friendly building.


Constructed by Rönesans Education Foundation, “Darende Bekir Ilıcak Vocational High School” was donated to İnönü University in Malatya as part of the donation protocol in 2011.

Incorporating various modern departments, this school also provides educational support as part of the REV Scholarship Program.

The 4 main departments at the school are as follows: Construction Technology, Map and Land Survey, Food Technology and Opticianry.


Constructed in Kahramanmaraş by Rönesans Education Foundation, Keriman Çetinkaya Kindergarten initiated its educational activities in the academic year of 2014-2015. As part of the Ministry of Education’s “Hundred Percent Support for Education” campaign, the school was constructed with a capacity of eight classrooms and 150 students and donated to the Office of, Kahramanmaraş Governor.


Established witin TED University, “Ayşe Ilıcak Library” offers students 80,000 printed books and 250 study areas. The most important feature of the library is its Internet access areas. With its 40 scan terminals, the library offers the opportunity to access the Internet and provides an ideal environment to enable students to adopt the habit of using and producing information. Or (as on the website) Established within TED University with contributions from Rönesans Holding, the library encompasses a total indoor area of 525 m², offers approximately 12,000 books and 150 periodical resources to its users and provides access to digital resources with carefully chosen electronic materials, survey terminals and wireless network, as well as rapid and safe Internet access.


As part of the protocol signed by Rönesans Education Foundation with Amasya University, Office of Taşova District Governor, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and Office of Amasya Governor, construction of the four-story high school, consisting of 12 classrooms and a construction area of 3.780 m², has been completed and donated to the university’s administration.