Environmental and Social Responsibility


UN Global Compact Participant Rönesans protects human health, natural and cultural heritage while having a positive impact on all its stakeholders, the local community and the environment through the Environmental and Social Sustainability philosophy applied in all of its projects and businesses. Through our triple bottom line approach “people, environment and economy, with regards to which we centralize our business, we believe that we will not only have an immediate positive impact on the environment and society, but also provide long-term economic benefits to future generations.

In order to have a positive effect on stakeholders, the local community and the environment in all of the projects we carry out, we design our organization structure, management system and application methods employed in all of our worksites to follow all the laws, regulations and standards.

Greenhouse Gas Emission and Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions, which is one of the primary causes of global warming, has become one of the main agenda items worldwide with the Paris Agreement signed in 2015. Rönesans Holding contributes to social and economic sustainability by aiming to be a pioneer in raising awareness about the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions in the construction sector.

The Greenhouse Gas Emission Management System was established to mitigate and control greenhouse gas emissions from all the projects and businesses by Rönesans Holding group companies. The purpose of this system is to determine the greenhouse gas emissions that could arise due to any and all projects and activities conducted by Rönesans Holding and to establish corporate goals for the monitoring and prospective mitigation of such gases by all group companies. The projects and activities carried out for this purpose are structured in accordance with international standards, laws and regulations and the ISO 14064 standard. Using the Greenhouse Gas Emission Management System, we also aim to prepare periodic carbon footprint reports for our projects and businesses.


Rönesans aims to preserve biodiversity, maintain ecosystem services and manage natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Rönesans plans primarily to eliminate the negative impact of its projects and businesses on biodiversity and the ecosystem. When it is not possible to eliminate the negative effects, the holding aims to minimize this impact. If its activities affect communities that depend on biodiversity as their main source of income, Rönesans takes measures to help improve the habitat or the ecosystem.


In order to protect the environment and achieve its sustainability goals, Rönesans makes it a priority to prevent, reuse, separate, recycle, recover and dispose waste, adopt source reduction practices and ensure control and inspection after disposal

The waste generated by projects and businesses carried out by Rönesans Holding’s group companies are effectively monitored and managed.


Rönesans Holding acts with a sense of responsibility for the environment and adopts sustainable strategies aimed at preventing problems that would endanger environmental health in the projects it conducts. With the strategies it adopts, Rönesans has completed numerous LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified projects. LEED is one of the most prominent certificates in the field of environment issued by USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

Rönesans, having embraced the principle of continuous progress and the environmental consciousness as an integral part of its corporate culture, is considered to be a pioneering and leading company in its sector with regards to designing, constructing and operating projects in line with sustainability principles.

Acting eco-consciously, Rönesans has been one of the leading players in the sector with its successful green building applications. Some of Rönesans’ LEED Certified buildings:

  • Renaissance Pravda: Russia’s first LEED Gold Certified office building
  • TED Rönesans College: Turkey’s first LEED Gold Certified private school
  • Rönesans Tower (Allianz Tower): Turkey’s first LEED Platinum Certified high-rise A Class office project
  • RönesansBiz Küçükyalı Office Project: Turkey’s and Europe’s first LEED
  • Yozgat City Hospital: Turkey’s first LEED Gold Certified hospital
  • Renaissance Business Park: Russia’s first LEED Platinum Certified project
  • Hilltown Shopping Center Project: first LEED Gold Certified shopping center